Negative and Positive Side of the Website and Publisher

On this occasion, I will share my knowledge of a small review from a negative blog / website, because what I don't want is long because this article is not necessarily you like it because this article will review the bad bloggers who failed.

In terms of bloggers who want to make a lot of money from their website, there will be an instant path, there must be several blogs / websites whose contents are only destroying the younger generation and not educating. this article will hopefully you like it and you can be even better in becoming an internet publisher.

Understanding publizer negtive, namely:

Actually this negative won't exist if you don't think of money first when you want to be a blogger because your money wants instant ways to get it and then you make sites that are negative and don't educate viewers the world even destroy future generations maybe money can search instantly and much in making sites that are negative as well as porn and others that destroy the brains of all viewers, here do not talk pretentious or pretend to advise now just imagine the vewers prefer things that are negative than things that postive and you add that to make a lot of money, you should think that his current subordinates are using the internet not only parents or 18+ so we just need to be aware of negative things so that they will not be published because it will damage the generation of our own nation and will lose our own later who is the successor b goose if not our children and grandchildren so we have to fill positive things so that this nation will be better later and progress.

Understand positive publicity, namely:

Everything depends on the content we upload on our web, upload knowledge or learning that is good and does not harm our nation's generation, such as content that contains knowledge learning that makes young generation smarter and more advanced, positive learning.

There are a number of reasons why many like to make negative publicizers or create negative websites, namely:

- The negative web rises faster and more viewers than positive websites.

- Faster to get money from blog / website content.

- Easy to make and don't need to wait long to go up.

The things that must be noticed are

Who else will be our successors in the coming masses if we put negative things on the young generation of this nation, a little words that we need to reflect on is that the masses ahead of this nation depend on our children and grandchildren to fill positive things in themselves.

So, the article reviews from me may be useful and I thank you ...

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