Smart and Smart Publisher

On this occasion I will share whatever motivations and information the smart and intelligent publicists do, which is certainly very interesting and might be a bit offensive to some other publicists who might feel I apologized before.

Talking about publicity is a group or individual who provides information that can be accurate or fictitious or factual.

So publicists are people who publish a thing they know and store in their memory or can call their brain and spread it to others so that other people know what the publicist knows.

Smart and intelligent publisers will not do bad things

the things that smart and smart publicists won't do are:

1. Republish / copy paste

    Smart and smart Publiser will not republish his subordinate the information is the same except that      the information is less accurate and refined by other publishers.

2. Copy paste without modification

    Copy and paste may be normal or expensive nowadays, even though it's a very bad thing because        copy paste or it can be called plagiarism actually has a law in that case because every article we          copy from another publisher uses their own copyright - own and republish with copy paste without      the knowledge or permission of the owner of the article is a violation.

Smart and intelligent Publiser will always have the idea to create new things and new innovations because they want to develop and make their brains work and try continuously to publish or channel their knowledge to others in need.

Publiser is smart not to be afraid of their subordinates losing competitiveness or the like because they always manage their brains to think and invest.

Usually the publicist who just likes to copy or paste and paste from other publishers and republish without adding or modifying them to make it better that they do not want to think and want to receive results without having to think more, basically what publiser does is not the result but the information that is published is beneficial to others they will feel happy without thinking about the results of money or anything else.

Avoid copy paste or republishing properties that will harm other publicists because they are very highly despicable and not good.

So many articles from me may be useful thanks ...

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